Questions & Answers

Question: How much can we make?
Answer: Unlike most fund raising activities, with Amer-A-Thon you can make up to 70% profit.

Question: What are our expenses?
Answer: Postage for 2-Way Mailers, cost of incentives.

Question: What is the cost of postage?
Answer: Current USPO rate for first class mail.

Question: What is the cost for 2-Way Mailer packets?
Answer: There is NO cost to you for mailers.

Question: What if my child receives no donations, can they still participate in walk/jog/run events?
Answer: Yes. However, the school and parent group have final decision.

Question: Can you mail 2-Way Mailers to people out-of-state?
Answer: Yes, on average over 40% of donations received come from outside your state.